Research Professionals


Catherine Pelletier

Catherine Pelletier has a background in biology and completed her masters in kinesiology. Following her studies, she collaborated in several studies on obesity and metabolism as research coordinator or research assistant. For the QUALITY study, she is one of the two project coordination at CHU Sainte-Justine. Her tasks are multiple and vary: she is responsible for families in the afternoon during their evaluation days, verifies the quality of collected data, manages the reception of different test results and their entry, and responds to the needs to the study’s researchers.


Francine Pérusse, Hôpital Laval

Francine Pérusse is a trained medical biologist. Ten years ago, she joined Dr. Angelo Tremblay’s research team at LavalUniversity as a research professional. She has since collaborated on several research protocols related to obesity. For the QUALITY study, Francine coordinates tests for participating families in the region of Quebec city. She is in charge of families upon their arrival up until their departure, she conducts some of the tests and guides them towards other health professionals involved for other tests throughout the day. What she enjoys most about the QUALITY study is the regular contact with children and their families, allowing her to see them as they grow up...

Responsible for the laboratory

 Ginette Lagacé

After completing a bachelor’s degree in microbiology in 1982 and a masters in biochemisty in 1987 at the University of Sherbrooke, Ginette Lagacé has worked at the endocrinology department at Sainte-JustineHospital, primarily on dopamine receptors and hypophyseal tumors, for 12 years. Then, having acquired the necessary technical skills in molecular biology, she was recruited by Dr. Marie Lambert who specializes in medical genetics, with whom she has worked since 1997. She is responsible for the bank of biological samples, coordinates the laboratory activities, and is actively involved the management of the QUALITY cohort.


Hélène Gagnon

Hélène Gagnon is a nurse at the CHU Sainte-Justine since 1989. In addition to her second certificate in nursing, she holds a bachelor’s degree in social work. Having worked in obstetrics and in many other departments, she decided to work in clinical research to meet new challenges. She divides her time between several research projects. For QUALITY project, she supports families since the beginning of 2014. She performs technical tasks such as blood tests, measurements of blood pressure and body composition in addition to supporting the participants and their parents when completing the questionnaires.

Martine Jutras-Dubord

Is a trained nurse, she is dedicated to pediatrics since several years. She practiced at the hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis unit at CHU Sainte-Justine for all her career and, in 2005, jumped into research with the QUALITY study. She welcomes the families and does the health check-up of the young and the parents. She takes care of the oral glucose tolerance test and follows the family to the various tasks of the morning. She appreciates the privileged contact with the families.



 Elyse Laplante

Holders of a bachelor and a master in Kinesiology form the University of Montreal, Elyse Laplante is an assistant researcher for the QUALITY study. She handlers the VO2max direct testing on a specialized bicycle for the children, as well as data entry. She encourages promoting healthy lifestyles among the newer generation and their families.



Natacha Gaulin Marion

Natacha Gaulin Marion has been a kinesiologist since 2001, having pursued studies at the University of Montreal in kinesiology and then completing her masters in therapeutic exercise at the University of Sherbrooke. Natacha is a research assistant for the QUALITY study. She was involved in tasks related to the recruitment of families, and now works on entering data collected from families as well as accompanying children to different tests. Furthermore, thanks to her expertise, she conducts the bicycle tests with children and communicates with them for the follow-up physical activity questionnaires.   

Guy Fournier, Hôpital Laval



Anu Edasseri

Anu Edasseri is a Master’s student at the Faculty of Dentistry - McGill University under the supervision of Dr. Belinda Nicolau.  She has a background in dentistry. Her research aims at investigating the association between oral health policies in schools and oral health status of Quebec children. Also, Anu is in the team involved in the data collection of the QUALITY cohort - Oral health component.


Former Coordinator 

Hugues Charron

Having worked in the hospital environment for more than 20 years, first as a nurse and then as a project coordinator for clinical research for over 12 years, Hughes Charron affirms being particularly fond of the QUALITY study because of it’s goal to find the best preventive measures among youth, and because the study touches a large population affected by the problem. In this multidisciplinary team, he has a variety of responsibilities. Among others, he is responsible for the recruitment of families, and he conducts the health check-ups of children and their parents, for nearly half of the families. Furthermore, he is one of two coordinators for the QUALITY study, with as primary role to ensure that the study runs smoothly for researchers and families.   




Dental Hygienist, CHU Sainte-Justine